Has Your Auto Warranty Expired Or Is It About to Expire? Get American Automotive Alliance


  • Plans that fit your needs

  • Up to 60 month plans

  • American Automotive Alliance Advantage membership with every plan

Introducing the Elite
Insurance + AA Alliance = Total Protection


A Little Warranty Can Go a Long Way


  • The inevitable breakdown happens.

  • You pay to have your car towed to closest mechanic.

  • Mechanic tells you what is wrong, leaving you to trust he is telling you the truth.

  • You end up trying to negotiate with the mechanic directly.

  • You potentially pay THOUSANDS out of pocket for the repairs.

  • You leave not knowing if you paid too much, and how long the repairs will keep you on the road.


  • Select a plan that works with your life.

    We have multiple plans to choose from, ensuring no matter your lifestyle or vehicle, we probably have an option you will love and it will love you back.

  • You drive confidently, empowered for the road.

    Not only is American Automotive Alliance the best vehicle protection plan on the market, but you get the perks of the American Automotive Alliance Elite membership with any plan you choose. Whether on a road trip or your daily commute, stay on the road knowing that if you ever need us, we are here for you.


You Deserve Better

Dealing with a breakdown is bad enough, without having to give half of your paycheck away.
We’ve created plans that work for different vehicles and budgets, so you can get back to doing what you love (and still have money to do it).



Protection Level 1

Most Affordable



Protection Level 2

Comprehensive Coverage



Protection Level 3

Maximum Protection


Why American Automotive Alliance Warranty Instead of Others?

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

At American Automotive Alliance, we believe both in our products and in the wisdom of
purchasing a vehicle service contract. This is why every plan we sell comes with a full 30-day
unconditional money-back guarantee.

Accepted By Your Dealership Or Any Certified Mechanic.

Local repair shops and dealerships all throughout the United States accept American Automotive Alliance vehicle protection. We encourage our customers to choose the repair facility that they are most comfortable with. As long as a certified mechanic is doing the work on your vehicle, your American Automotive Alliance vehicle protection will be accepted.

American Automotive Alliance Advantage Membership With Every Plan

We developed an entire plan to make your experience with us even better. Stuck on the highway at 2am? We’re there. Broken keys? Don’t worry, we’ll get your broken key fob replaced. Always wanted a virtual assistant? Done.

Welcome to the American Automotive Advantage

The American Automotive Alliance Advantage Membership comes with every American Automotive Alliance vehicle protection plan. It includes benefits like roadside assistance, key fob replacement, 24/7 support, and a lot more.

Roadside Assistance

24/7 roadside help with anything you need to get moving again.

Road Hazard Tire Coverage

Tire Replacement if unserviceable due to road hazard.

24/7 Customer Support

American Automotive Alliance Support is live, human help, whenever you need us.

Key Fob Replacement

We’ll replace your lost or broken key fob.

ID Theft Recovery

An entire suite of ID protection tools that can help restore, repair, and reimburse you for damage from identity thieves.

Stolen Vehicle Reward

We pay a reward up to $2,500 for any person giving law enforcement information that directly leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing your vehicle.